The Intelligent Color LED Light Up Street Sign

Beautifully Illuminated Street Address Signs Improving Community Safety and Reducing First Responders’ Response Times

Low-Cost Solid State Identification Device

Patent No. US 8,099,261

MagicSign™ is the World's First intelligent color illuminated street address sign with a remote control and automatic brightness level adaptation based on preset levels of ambient light, the internal sign temperature and the voltage level of the MagicBackupPower™.

The MagicSign™ will even automatically turn off during the day time.

Monitoring the internal temperature of the MagicSign™ will also ensure the sustained longevity of the LED devices.

In a power outage MagicSign™ will operate from the battery pack of  MagicBackupPower™, while the ambient light sensor and temperature monitors ensure maximized battery operation for at least 40 hours of continuous use.

Using as little as one Watt of energy, MagicSign™ produces enough light to make a street address sign visible from hundreds of feet away.

When configured to blink at high intensity, consuming about 3 Watts, the MagicSign™ can be visible from miles away.

With ambient light sensor technology, MagicSign™ consistently delivers optimal brightness and improved power savings.

MagicSign™ is by far the most cost effective measure to reduce the response time of our First Responders attending to an emergency during evening and night hours.

MagicSign™ is Green Technology - Patent No. US 8,099,261